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Which it will, as the Times agrees. Why is this an issue? The state wants , new housing units per year in Southern Califormia alone but the entire state has averaged only 80, per year for a decade. So, where are all these people now? Are you suggesting that we build in anticipation of growth that is not occuring? California has just reported is lowest population growth rate in recorded history 0. Birth rates are stable but for several years the number of residents moving out of California has been larger than the number of international migrants moving in.

So the State wants residents to change to accommodate non-residents? And don't hope that growth plans are fully coordinated with plans to expand transportation capacity, or that new immigrants are coming here for the public transit. And we thought that the former governor never exhaled. The LA Times concludes "for too long, Southern California leaders have tried to preserve a landscape of cars and freeways and single-family homes, no matter the consequences for the next generation.

Apparently, the LA Times does not believe that the next generation should have this choice. It's hard to imagine in a democratic, capitalist society that local communities will no longer be able to make their own choices, and that those who bought in to these choices in the past may now have their nest eggs threatened.

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Theoretical efficiency on selected highway lanes HOT lanes, cordon tolling does not map to system level efficiency, nor is efficiency the prime directive in providing public services. Having tolled lanes for the wealthy and for those whose costs are reimbursed by others is a modern day version of drinking fountains for white people only. Each of us has 24 hours a day.

Tolling selected facilities will increase externalities elsewhere in the network and on other users.

State of the Species

Lands underlying these roads are public lands and should not be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The impetus for the current Metro interest in pricing is "Twenty Eight for ' That used to be a huge number. But it's only a hundred billion. We used to call them astronomical numbers. Now we should call them economical numbers.

Let's say there are million housholds in the US there's actually about 25 percent more. Take a nice vacation? Pay off a car? Guess what? This is a problem of astronomical, umm, economical proportions. When an individual lacks health care, a good job, has trouble meeting rent and other bills, and sees no chance for things to get better, they will warm to options that otherwise would not be attractive.

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When one has little or nothing, one will embrace an option where every one has something. Our disportional wealth distribution does not send a message that anyone can gain success in our system; rather, it's at best a feudal system that hold little hope for advancement. This is when people turn toward leaders who promote socialism. No one really wants this but lacking hope and a chance to move up, socialism becomes an option. Something has to be done about race relations in America. The Great Melting Pot has always claimed to welcome those who embrace American culture, politics, and business, and groups that are slow or resistant to uptake tend to be shunned, whether due to language, religion, or other barriers.

However, this does not explain the status of black and white relationships in America. It is difficult to believe that this has anything to do with resistance to broad assimilation.

The difference is much deeper but is also spelled out in black and white. There is much that can be done but reparations are not the place to start.

An Empty Bottle

First, reparations are primarily associated with direct payments to descendants of slavery, ideally from those who are descendant from slave owners. Identifying these parties is difficult if not impossible and ignores the fact that slavery was a three-way trade involving African tribes who sold their enemies to British slavers who in turn sold them to American plantation owners who then sent their products to British factories.

Would all three slave-trading partners be parties to such reparations? Unlikely, so the onus would presumably fall on the U. And then there is the issues of other aggrieved parties, starting with Native Americans and extending to most ethnic groups that emigrated to America in various waves, including Europeans the Irish come to mind. Would government reparations be a problem? If the intent was to somehow atone for slavery, and if such reparations would not actually worsen the current black-white rift, then perhaps this could be an option.

Unfortunately, this would have little if any positive effect on black and white relationships. However, having the U. An LA Times OpEd 4 Aug agrees with the concept of adding an ethnic studies requirement for public high schools but excoriates the current legislative proposal as "an impenetrable melange of academic jargon and politically correct pronouncements" mind you, the LAT is a liberal paper.

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Read the editorial and write your legislators. Why are we concerned with safety issues associated with CAVs when we seem so unconcerned with the 35, vehicle fatalities each year, most of which are due to errors made by human drivers? It is the complexity of the decisions being made, and not necessarily the inability of models per se , that makes it so difficulty to even partially capture real behavior. A disruptive innovation is underway in modeling, and this will change the way that we forecast and thus plan.

As emergent computation becomes more common, might it be that there will be no direct way for humans to even understand from where the resulting answers come? Could it be that we have already reached this point? So-called "sympathetic doctors" appear to be the common link behind a broad range of problems including: 1 excess prescriptions leading toward opioid abuse; 2 excess vaccination waivers leading to loss of herd immunity; 3 excess diagnoses of ADHD and related illnesses providing unfair advantages to students negotiating the road to college; and 4 excess approval of disadvantaged driving placards leading to abuse of facilities and services created to assist those who are truly disadvantaged.

These are not "sympathetic doctors.

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While I listen to a wide variety of music, I'm most engaged by what may appear to be diametrically opposed genres: the blues and what is called progressive rock. Most people know what the blues is when they hear it, although there's a range of styles imbedded in the genre. The blues artist to whom I'm most engaged is the inimitable Allman Brothers Band, which managed to record and perform live in six decades despite the loss of key members. There's a joy to the blues, a joy that reflects the transition from depression to acceptance, and all the emotions that follow.

On the other hand, progressive music is a bit like pornography in that most people can't define what it is but recognize it when they hear it. I don't embrace the radical definition focused on the more technical side of "progressive" as in any music that reaches for something new and different.

Robots of the World! Arise!, p.1

There are qualities and complexity that are necessary conditions, so new and different, more often than not, is different but not interesting in terms of the qualities and complexity that I seek I guess like art in general. Concurrent with the Allman Brothers, there have been a range of progressive artists to whom I have been sporadically engaged.

The so called classic period featured groups such as Yes, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, and Genesis, and each but the last continued to perform into the current decade. There has been several waves of progressive artists, often featuring, as in has been since the beginning, groups from Europe many from the UK and Scandinacian but, of late, I've enjoyed eastern European artists. Changes in the music industry seem to have affected the breadth and quality of progressive music less than for other genres perhaps because it was never that popular.

It's difficult to keep up with new releases from British and Polish progressive bands see: www. The common ground for the blues and progressive music is in the qualities and complexity. Whether it be a 20 minute extended improvization not a jam, per se by the Allman Brothers or a faithful reproduction of a 20 minute studio composition by many progressive artists, I'm equally engaged.

But I'm also disinterested in many similar artists whose music fits the genre but doesn't satisfy my thirst for those certain qualities and complexities that produce what often becomes a cathartic experience. These experiences are not unique -- often, the same few dozen compositions form a personal musical canon that virtually always is worth the time investment. Ars longa, vita brevis. Has college gotten too easy? Freshman GPAs are increasing but with no apparent explanatory factors leading to a potential conclusion that colleges are perhaps changing standards for degrees.

My take is as follows. First, there's high school grade inflation, both direct and via Advanced Placement GPA inflation, which increases the assessment of student quality on paper.

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  • Second, there is a second order grade inflation: with the better students taking AP courses, second tier students have replaced them in regular classes, and in turn earn the A on a lower level performance. Third, the desire for better grades, rather than better understanding, can lead toward teachers assigning better grades. Both parental and peer pressure toward college admission has increased pressure for better grades such as on standardized tests, which leads toward greater reliance on tutors and test advising services that promise better grades through preparing for the test rather than simply learning the material.

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    • These factors mask a deteriorating level of student abilities in problem solving, creativity, and connectivity. Students appear equally or even more qualified when they apply for college, but the grades are inflated: while the best are still very good, second tier applicants are ranked much higher but are still second tier. It may simply be a case where tough love is needed. We are not doing anyone a favor by inflating their worth and not challenging them to increase their skills, general knowledge, and creativity.