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The case made headlines not just for its notoriety, but also because investigators used a little-known genealogical website to track down their suspect — a feat that stirred up both excitement in the criminal justice community, and questions about genetic privacy. Court documents released Friday detail how investigators used genetic material to eventually arrest DeAngelo. Investigators first zeroed in on DeAngelo after building an online genealogical profile using DNA taken from an old crime scene, then using it to find distant relatives with matching genetic profiles.

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Once they had a suspect in mind, however, they needed to prove that his DNA matched that from the crime scenes. DeAngelo has been charged with 12 counts of murder in all, the Times reports.

The language in SBU's reports are adjusted to a wide audience. SBU's Board of Directors has approved the conclusions in this report. The systematic review showed the following graded results: There is limited scientific evidence that the triad Three components of a whole. The triad associated with SBS usually comprises subdural haematoma, retinal haemorrhages and encephalopathy. There is insufficient scientific evidence on which to assess the diagnostic accuracy of the triad in identifying traumatic shaking very low-quality evidence.

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