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Beloved are you allowing the Holy Spirit to control, direct, empower and teach you? We must, as Christians, remember that we belong fully to Christ.

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We have been bought at a price and so we need to be fully subservient to the Lord Jesus and allow His Spirit to be our Guide. Jesus has promised true believers authority over Satan and his cohorts. You see the demons themselves know that Jesus has authority over them and they recognize and submit to this authority. Often in the gospels we read about demons recognizing Jesus as the Son of the Most High God and one with authority over them.

That is why they leave their victims on the orders of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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This is the authority we also have in 2 Cor. We use God's mighty weapons, not worldly weapons to knock down the devils strongholds.

With these weapons we break down every proud argument that keeps people from knowing God. With these weapons we conquer their rebellious ideas and we teach them to obey Christ. Beloved, we are empowered to overcome every trick, every evil manipulation and machination. We are empowered to discern the thoughts of these wicked unclean spirits and demons.

We are empowered not to be afraid of them and not to succumb to them. Jesus has conquered and rendered powerless, all forces of demonic activities through his death and resurrection. Satan and his demonic forces have been defeated and therefore they cannot exercise any power over believers and the church. This knowledge should keep us away from things and activities that would lay us open to their power, rather we are called to oppose them.

Overcoming Sin

We should recognize that we are not in conflict against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of evil. Have faith that we can overcome evil and unclean spirits and that their new power broken in any specific area of his domain. Operate in the power of the spiritual armour and weapon provided. Perfected by this amour we can defeat demons and all the schemes of the devil.

'Authority Over Unclean Spirits' in the Bible

We should wield the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God and claim the protection of the Blood of Jesus. We should pray, fast, study the word of God, share the gospel with others and produce the fruits of the spirit. Our lives should always give testimony that we belong to the Lord Jesus Christ and that our lives are defined by kingdom values of truth, love, forgiveness, service to God and others, honesty, integrity, discipline, compassion, fear of God.

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Above all we should know that those who are with us are more than those against us. We have at our disposal a myriad of angels to fight for us and to protect us from the wiles and schemes of the evil one. As we confront demonic powers in our Christian pilgrimage, let us face them as victors because Christ Jesus has won the victory over all demons through the blood. I would say these demons would be more so at the believers then at unbelievers, well to be on the safe side anyone that would allow sin in their lives which opens the door for unclean spirits to enter an make home.

Jesus gives us power to overcome unclean spirits. By Ms. That would be a mistake. One key spiritual principle to understand from this passage is that the more attached we are to a particular sin, the deeper our resolve must be to overcome it. And overcoming sin can be quite painful and difficult.

Overcoming sin requires deep spiritual purification and a complete submission of our mind and will to God. Without this resolve and purifying surrender, the temptations we face from the evil one will be very difficult to overcome. Reflect, today, upon how deep your resolve is to overcome sin. When temptations come your way, are you wholeheartedly committed to overcoming them? Seek to deepen your resolve so that the temptations of the evil one do not take hold of you.

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Lord, I surrender my life into Your hands without reserve. I beg You to strengthen me in time of temptation and to keep me free from sin. Jesus, I trust in You.

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