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I may have some time to explore the story of Acnologia at some point.

Phonics Comics: Level 2: Phonic Comics: Hiro: Dragon Warrior - Level 2 (Paperback) -

If you are not familiar with Acnologia, then you only have to think about Fairy Tail and its most terrifying dragon. Acnologia is the name of the Dragon King, but manga fans know the character was also very much human.

According to lore, Acnologia was born a human and became one of the very first Dragon Slayers. The fierce mage vowed to kill every dragon after he witnesses one mercilessly kill a child, but Acnologia used too much of his Dragon Slayer magic. The heck with the British accent and Elizabethan bio pick. Sure, at first glance, Hiro is as two-dimensional as the comic books he adores.

For most of the other "Heroes," these amazing new abilities are a burden. Some are just a bummer. Nuclear Ted Matthew John Armstrong for example, inadvertently killed his wife via radiation poisoning. And Niki Sanders' Ali Larter inability to control her super-strong, sociopathic alternate personality landed her strait-jacketed in a padded cell with a bum shot full of Thorazine.

These characters are going to need a lot of therapy before they can get it together and join the other freaks of nature in saving the world. No need to page Dr. Freud for Hiro — at least not yet. Authors Tim Winton Sarah J.

Dragon's Lair

Top Pick. Dragons of Hiro Aaron Thomas-Russell. PaperBack July 1, The evil King of Mannoratt has given his most productive dragonologists -Lidon Tenaar and Ilion Engoraar - a gruesome task: to make a poison using the plants from the dragons' sanctuary, Hiro, to kill all dragons. But with the help of a fortune teller, they find a way to rebel against the king. Will the plan work? Or will all Gehennamraka break loose?

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