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She despised him for the way he treated her sister.

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He despised him self for be ing such a coward. Synonyms disdain formal.

1. Figure out where your needs aren’t being met.

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. The punk audience's fantasies created a figurehead for a movement that he despised and wanted to leave behind and disrupt.

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From Cambridge English Corpus. Either they despised it, or could not afford it, or could get entrance to the schools without it. One did not have to be on the left to despise the appalling repressiveness of the late tsarist regime.

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The intelligentsia in particular despised the merchants for being too conservative and immoral. It was this kind of packaging that rock fans and musicians came to despise. Both instinct and passion undermined the social convention, the life of the salon, which he despised.

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Coal miners have in this sense become at once morally marginal and symbolically central, both despised and held in awe. Most sheep owners despised their shepherds for the annual binge, and many blamed unscrupulous hotel owners who preyed on the drunken men.

In such countries manufactures tended to be despised, while the nobility bought luxury goods from abroad with no real sense of their value. For this reason theatre often constituted a separate micro-society, discriminated and despised.

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To despise the past is also to despise the present. One is to reconsider a cultural form dismissed, even despised by critics. What is undesirable or even despised in the self cannot simply be discarded. To regard with extreme dislike and hostility: abhor , abominate , detest , execrate , hate , loathe.

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I know he despises me for failing my exam. She despises such luxuries as fur boots. His behaviour was despicable. Mentioned in? References in classic literature?

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He belonged to that natural, humorous school who took for their motto in the seventeenth century the aphorism uttered by one of their number in , -- "To despise flowers is to offend God. View in context. Nobody can despise me for this as I despise myself. It is you that taught him this lesson, for which you have been well rewarded in this world, as I doubt not your disciple will soon be in the other.

To say the truth, Mr Allworthy's situation had never been so bad as the great caution of the doctor had represented it: but as a wise general never despises his enemy, however inferior that enemy's force may be, so neither doth a wise physician ever despise a distemper, however inconsiderable. I would rather be dead and buried when the time comes for you to despise me, so that it may never be known to me that you despised me.